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With other online courses the focus is on how to get you to purchase the course. With Grace Prentice Education we put you guys first, ensuring that we are delivering the highest quality content and the strongest learning outcomes available.

Before creating any content, we built of education model to address the attention span and amount of free time the average person has. We make sure that not only are course designed to keep you invested in learning, but also put together in a way that will allow you to fit all of the topics into just one weeks free time to grant you your certification in no time!

Every course has their own course description page, providing you with unique insight as to what the course will teach you and what to expect. Additionally, on all courses we have a free section that will provide you with unique insight into what the course will be like. Check out the courses that interest you today!

We have awesome tools to help you engage with other students, and all GPEducators. On the right hand side of every video we have the discussion panel, where you can talk about all your questions and topics related to the videos. Additionally, all students will be added to a private facebook group for the course(s) they have enrolled in and will be able to converse on a large scale with their peers.

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