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Code Academy: HTML

HTML, CSS, Javascript, React. Turn these foreign languages into your languages!

What You'll Learn:

  • Setting up your coding environment
  • HTML Design Principles
  • Javascript Structural Layout 
  • React Language Construction
  • How to piece together code to achieve a specific goal
  • Analyze code to identify broken code
  • Understand how to practice and create workable code
  • Build Website, Servers and Applications
  • How to take an idea through design, code creation and deployments

This Course Includes:

  • 6 Hours On-Demand Video
  • 40+ Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access On Mobile & TV
  • Certificate Of Completion


Starting and running a business is much harder than the people on Facebook make it out to be. With the daily operations, running a team, hiring employees, making sure the quality is top-notch, where do you find time for the marketing and sales? While many people find themselves in positions that cause them to “drop the ball” in certain areas, would you believe if I said you could win in all?

The Grace Prentice Code Academy: HTML prepares you for the difficult tasks, from building a strong brand to creating loyalty from your employees. From an operational standpoint, learn from cutting edge instructors with practical experience at global levels. Its time you make an investment in yourself, and your future. Start today and watch your business grow professionally and financially in no time!

Who Is This Course For:

  • Those looking to build a solid foundation of software development 
  • Novice Coders looking to sharpen their skill sets
  • Anyone who has an interest in coding and is looking to expand their language base

Your Educators

Mathew Mozer

Software Engineer| Instructor | Full Stack Developer 

Originating from Washington Sate, Matt has been working with computers for more than a decade. From HTML to SQL and C# to React, his coding language rolodex runs deep. Having a blend of software developing and project management, Mathew has been able to climb to the top of the industry. To take it one step further, he has used his skillsets to begin the process of creating the next wave of developers.


Green River CC, Network Administration
Cert., ComptTIA
Cert., MTA: Software



Devonta Johnson

Software Engineer | Instructor | Configuration Developer

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Devonta has been involved in the computer industry for almost a decade. Devonta has been a critical part to the successful deployment of many companies systems; creating their networks, proprietary software, and re-engineer for efficiency. He has played a leadership role multiple times and continues to push the envelope of software development for all organizations he is part of.


B.S, Management Information Systems