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Why spend four years learning a new skillset when you can do it in less than a week?
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Accelerated Learning

Boost your skills in record time with training that fits YOUR schedule

Measurable Growth

Track your growth over time using our analytics reports

Innovative Educators

Our courses are taught by instructors living on the cutting edge of their industry

The New Way To Learn

Learn the practical application of how to use these unique skillsets. Focus on the needed knowledge and how to make it work for you!

The days of letter grades are long gone. See where you measure up for specific growth areas, compared to the national standard. Additionally, target growth goals for each course.

Rather than spending a fortune or trying to teach yourself these skills, learn from industry professionals. With years of direct industry knowledge you can expect high quality, instantly applicable information.

Featured Courses

Our courses are designed to engage you in ways you’ve never seen in education. We breakdown the material to its roots, cut the fluff and teach you new skillsets in less than a week. The learning is intense, high quality and directly applicable to the subject. My only question for you is what will you learn this week to prepare yourself for the next?

Business Academy

Successful businesses have so many moving pieces, from operations to marketing and sales. Learn the core fundamentals to build or grow your company this week!

HPC Academy

Brought to you by the master sports and health experts at Vardy HPC & The Athletic Zone, HPC Academy is designed to help you reach your maximum human potential. Start with one of our CrossFit Classes today!

Culinary Academy

Not only does cooking take time to do, but learning it is a whole different ball game. Rather than spend time digging through cookbooks and online recipes, let us bring them to you with a step by step course from a professional chef.
Coming Soon.

Health Academy

Protein. Carbohydrates. Fats. With this much information it feels impossible to know where to start. Take control of your health with these invaluable nutrition tips starting today!
Coming Soon.

Architect Academy

From Basic Design to Poshé, Architecture is an incredibly detail oriented field. Learn from the beginning and begin creating life-like designs in no time!
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What Our Students Have to Say

“This program allows students to think freely and allow both the creative and innovative nature of learning to take place. It breaks the boundaries of what "traditional" learning is and allows the instructors to organically interact with the students around a specific topic. Grace Prentice Education’s program has found the formula that intertwines the future of learning with the interactive nature of the classroom. This program gave me the ability to move forward in my passion of teaching, while also immersing myself in ideas and solutions to problems in ways would never thought possible.”
Matt Q.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Isaac and his team were critical in assisting our faculty teaching Business 100/Business Perspectives to all freshmen by running sessions to demonstrate rapid prototyping, top innovation practices and Entrepreneurship. Starting with a presentation on entrepreneurship, He pushed the envelope for the creative ideation of business solutions as a new concept to these young business students. He was pivotal in helping teams develop products and ideation through execution of a 3D Model and/or a Business Plan, that were eventually showcased on a local morning television program, Good Day Philadelphia.”
Mary Sheila McDonald
Dean of La Saile University School of Business
“Grace Prentice Education helped to mimic the fast - paced environment of the business world by having us make quick decisions that had implications on the degree of success or failure we experienced during the workshop. I prefer this method of learning because it is unconventional and highly interactive. It breaks up the monotony of a typical lecture setting and allows students to grasp essential business concepts in a progressive format.”
Evan H.
Student, Finance Course
“The Grace Prentice Education System has an incredible way of encouraging a culture of I& E (Innovation & Entrepreneurship), taking the learning away from text books and more towards real life problem solving. This approach to learning has allowed us to begin the building of our own Center for I&E on our campus and inspired hundreds of our students to think like innovators and work like entrepreneurs.”
Emma M.
Student Director of I&E at Colorado School of Mines

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